What does Your Handbag say about Your Personality?

Ever wondered what secrets your handbag is keeping for you? Or is it revealing more than you would want it too? Did you know that you are naturally inclined towards a particular handbag because of your personality traits?

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How a Handbag Reveals Your Personality Type
Check out how much is true for you.

Artistic Souls:

If you love carrying statement bags like a bold picture clutch or asymmetrical purses with geometrical patterns, you are likely to be oozing with artistic and flamboyant charm. If you have an eye for different artistic creations, you are sure to have an emotional and sensitive soul and you value people over power or money.
Rational to the Core: If you refuse to accept fashion norms and prefer comfort and practicality over the jumping on to the “brand” wagon, you are likely to prefer shoulder bags over the glitzy clutch. You look for value and utility before making any decision. You are logical in your approach.
Fun-loving and Ambitious:

If you want to travel places and create a mark of your own, you would love the eternal youthful allure. When it comes to handbags, you would prefer tote bags that can accommodate all your essentials and yet looks chic and classy. No wonder you are ever ready to take on any challenges in life head on. You should check out the Fendi replicas for sale online.

Organized and certain:

If you cannot stand disorganized messes around you and are very particular about everything in life, you are sure to be a clutch lover. You know exactly what you might need when you step out and will pack only those items. You admire effortlessness, orderliness and clarity of thought.


A diminutive handbag that is tucked under-the-shoulder depicts elegance and class. If you have a high-profile job or love to treat yourself like royalty, you are sure to pick your handbags from the labels like LV, Gucci, Prada or Fendi. IF you are on a budget, look for high quality yet cheap Fendi replica handbags. This way you maintain your style without overspending.


If you are the life of every party and do not seek people’s approval, you are likely to choose a purse with panache. Bring on those glitzy and blingy embellished clutches or those with stone studded or bold buckles and see the world getting envious of your personal style. You can unleash your wild side and can take decisions in a jiffy without any regrets. Fendi replica purses and wallets are just right for you.

Diorama Bag


Handbags are the ultimate addition to a woman’s collection along with being style statements, some handbags are great investments too! Timeless and gaining vintage value by the minute, some women handbags perform better than stocks at times! So how much do you really need to invest to buy an investment bag? What brand do you trust in and why?

Known for its elegance and extraordinary style, Dior is a French luxury goods company with a rich history, and is known to always stun people with innovative designs. It is believed that Parisian fashion is spread and kept alive across the world only because of Dior. With designs that have been popular through decades, Dior was the first designer to license designs with his own name in 1949. Christian Dior is still among the best-known names in the fashion industry. Dior’s collection of women’s bags has enchanted many women including celebrities over the years and are stunning pieces to invest in.

The latest addition to Dior’s shining line up of women’s accessories, the Diorama Bag was introduced in the Spring/Summer Collection of 2015. Crafted in stunning colorful leather options, this flap bag has caught the fashion world’s eye. It is an easy to wear design which is popular among the young and trend conscious millennials who prefer Dior bags with a modern twist, and less of a ladylike style. While being a recent addition to Dior’s star studded line up, this bag has grabbed the fashion world’s attention and has reached the same level as the classic. It is set to become more popular from here on and become a great investment with prices going up every year, and is priced around 1500$. Shop from a range of options here. Et voilà! This sums up our list of Dior bag prices. So, which Dior are you buying next? Define your preferred style and buy one of these jewels on The Luxury Closet. Already own it? Want to make way and money for the another classic you liked? Fill out an easy selling form here and we will find the right buyer for your bag.

A perfect Reproduction Christian Dior Bag

Well, recently I’ve noticed the incredible reproduction Givenchy bag, a bag i always kind of forgotten for a while. And then I thought to myself, why not have a look at the classic purses on my list. Of course that’s when Christian Dior Bag. Right after that, I felt like I had to trend this bag immediately!

That’s something to understand about someone. Now let’s keep in mind about her astonishing try looking in this picture which as i said earlier actually communicates so many things I don’t have enough wards to describe. Not only her outfit which is simply perfect, but the ability of choosing the adequate bag for it is actually harder than people might think. And of course, she made it happen at the best!

I had seen this photograph, and in the comment section I read I really great question. “Why do designer clutches cost so much? ” The clutch featured in this post comes in at over $2, 500, now how you they even rationalize that? however there is barely anything to this tiny Prada designer bag, I guess I would just feel pretty nipped off if i actually bought. Also well, I guess it doesn’t matter what these celebrities do. I’m sure most of the purses and accessories that they wear on the red carpet aren’t actually something that they purchased anyway. I guess I won’t be buying any replica handbags anytime soon!