Mini Lady Dior bag with chain in blue smooth calfskin embroidered with a mosaic of mirrors - Lady Dior Dior

On many of the Lady Dior Bags below, which the brand is calling the My Lady Dior line, you’ll see straps that feature three little metal disks, which is where you can affix the badges of your choosing. The available options include letters, hashtags, Dior logos, stars and other symbols, all of which can be mixed and matched (or removed entirely) at will. When they’re gone, the little metal disks to which they affix don’t look too bad on their own, so having the option to personalize doesn’t disrupt the bag’s overall design in any super-noticable way.My Lady Dior bag in black lambskin

Mini Lady Dior bag in blue moon smooth calfskin embroidered with a mosaic of mirrors, “D.I.O.R” charms and detachable chain in aged gold-tone metal.Mini Lady Dior bag in blue moon smooth calfskin embroidered with a mosaic of mirrors,Jewellery in aged gold-tone metal,Detachable chain.Carried in the hand, on the shoulder or across the body

when it comes to certain classic bags that retain their value well at resale or that might be passed on to a daughter or niece. Along with all the bags in Dior’s Cruise 2017 collection, which are available now, the brand has an idea about non-permanent personalization in Dior Lucky Badges.


Hermès Exotic Skins are one of the most iconic features throughout the Hermès Bag collection. The use of exotic skins on Hermès Birkin Bags and Hermès Kelly Bags is well renowned, however, many other handbags and clutches in the range also feature exotic skins including the Hermès Constance,   Hermès Evelyne, and the Hermes

Baghunter is the home of authentic pristine and pre-loved HermèsExotic Skin handbags in a variety of styles, colors, and designs. You can spot a genuine exotic skin Hermès by the stamp located beside the Hermès Made in Paris stamp indicating which exotic skin has been used. Each exotic skin has its own characteristics and qualities, with more detailed information available in our Hermès Leather and Skins Guide. Each Hermès Exotic Skin bag falls under Baghunter’s guarantee, ensuring both quality and authenticity.

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This Hermès Kelly 32cm bag is featured in the Bordeaux color, which is a very dark purple tone. This bag is made from Porosus Crocodile skin and is accentuated by gold hardware. This vintage Kelly bag is still in very good condition and is extremely rare, making it a true collector’s piece. Contact us for more details and availability.

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Luxe Designer Handbags stock pre-owned Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Dior and Yves St. Laurent, along with a host of other top designer names.

Yves St. Laurent Handbags

Like Fashionphile, Luxe say they have the largest selection of Louis Vuitton bags, but this is not currently correct.

You can search for bags by designer, price, style or colour and view bags by price range and it is possible to pay by instalments, (for a charge).Replica handbags

The “sell your bag” page is a bit scarce of information. They do a great job of telling you how and what photos to take but do not mention their percentage or commission. They will buy back a bag you purchase from them and have a sliding scale depending on how long you keep the bag.

The site is reasonably easy to use, prices are better than any other site on the whole, and the range is adequate with a good choice.

There is a very useful knowledge page that describes what to look for when trying to distinguish a real bag from a fake one, and it covers many makes of bag.


It’s extremely important for a woman to have an accessory that fits any occasion; whether we are talking about a simple necklace or a pair of “universal” shoes, there should be the equivalent of the “little black dress” in each category of items we are wearing. When it comes to purses, the recipe for success is pretty simple: have something with a colour that manages to go well with any outfit and has a simple design and you can be sure goes well with everything. A great example of such a bag is here, this lovely soft calf shoulder purse is just a great buy and a smart purchase for someone who is looking for something that will be their universal accessory. This also means less money spent on accessories that are dedicated to certain events and also less choices you have to make when going somewhere. The handbag has been crafted with high quality soft calf leather with a nappa effect, a leather that is not only smooth and soft to touch but also extremely durable. It’s also quite subtle when it comes to its shine since the effect is a semi-gloss one with a light grains, appealing to those who don’t want to seem like they are showing off.

There’s also a flap closure with a new snap lock clasp that makes reaching inside easy but also keeps everything well secured. The inside zip pocket and cell phone pocket are great for keeping your essentials in place. The metal lettering logo on the outside is small and very subtle, not like the logos that can be found on other luxury handbags that simply scream “look at my designer handbag”. This is great for someone who enjoys the quality, look and feel of a designer handbag but doesn’t want people to think they are trying to stand out too much.