How Dior Dominated the Luxury Industry And Achieved a Valuation of $42.7 Billion

Dior is known for its ambitious exhibitions.The brand presents the rich heritage and history of its dresses, perfumes, accessories and pictures in various parts of the world.Another exhibition is the New Look Revolution, which featured the evolution of the Bar Suit. The iconic item first appeared in Dior’s earliest collection. Not only did the exhibition feature how the item has changed, but it also featured the hard work that it took to create it.

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Dior manages multiple social media accounts that appeal to a specific demographic.At Dior Homme, the brand only creates posts that cater to its male demographic. Posts that will not appeal to its male demographic, are not featured on its page.While it takes more time and effort to manage two accounts, the brand certainly has no regrets.

“Having separate social media accounts, although the time allotted to maintain is greater, can be very beneficial to a brand as they can target messaging to that specific group of followers that may end up lost in a single ‘all things to all followers’ social media experience,” said Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis in an interview.

Dior has not only conquered the hearts of Western fashionistas, but also China’s online shoppers.The brand entered China and sold its Lady Dior bags on WeChat during the Qixi Festival Holiday. What was originally a four-day online marketing campaign became a one-day event, after the bags were immediately sold out

Impeccable Christian Dior handbags

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So, I understand that this is an extreme example (but one which features an impeccable Christian Dior bag but I have to really admire her guts and commitment to the fashion community. Though I wouldn’t wear any of this myself (besides that Prada handbag, of course) I really shouldn’t worry about what other people with think too much. I guess I should make this my new philosophy in life, don’t you agree?

As you know, I spend a lot of time looking at photos of celebrities and their various replica handbags, which means I spend a lot of time looking at and reading other blogs. I guess it’s the same as other websites, but I think the comment section is where it’s at! The topic that I am going to be talking about today is clutches, and you can see an example, above, of Lupita Nyongo’s Prada bag, the Prada Raso clutch, which is going to help illustrate my point.

First, check her out above sporting a blast from the past, the Prada striped tote. I think these came out when I first started writing this blog (wow it seems like it was just yesterday) and I am still a huge fan of this Prada bag. Check her out below with one of her impeccable Christian Dior handbags, the Mulberry Leopard Bayswater bag. This bag is to DIE for. I want to reach into the photo and grab this Mulberry bag for myself, but alas, I can’t!

Dior’s Pre-Fall 2018 Bags

My favorite of the two we got our little paws on is The Dior Lady Dior Bag. I’ve always thought of the Lady Dior as delicate and, of course, living up to its name: ladylike. While I get the appeal of a super feminine bag, they aren’t the kind of bags that I typically steer toward. This version of the Lady Dior changed all that for me, and I have to admit that the Lady Dior just went way, way up on my want list.

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this bag is relatively functional, as it can be hand carried or worn using the removable shoulder strap, which I just love. This bag is the medium size, so it’s just right and fits pretty much everything you would need for the day, plus some extras. I was able to fit in my wallet, sunglasses, a small cosmetics case, both my work phone and my personal phone, and even my digital camera when the bag was organized just right.

I love that this bag has an interior flap closure, so it’s not totally open on top, meaning your stuff isn’t overly exposed. However, the flap is very easy to open and get in and out of on the move. Inside, the Lady Dior bag has one interior zip pocket, as well as a slit pocket. Overall dimensions of The Dior Medium Lady Dior Bag are 8″H x 9″ W x 4″D,