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Although we know that there is no defining standard for the cut, some things still matter. As an example, symmetry is a big deal when looking at marquise diamonds. The ideal ratio of length:width of any marquise cut is 2:1. Of course, antique diamonds may not be to quite the perfect ratio. Because of this, those which do have the perfect ratio, or close to it, can be expensive. This is especially true if the 4 Cs of the stone are significant.

For this reason, ask your jeweler to tell you the ratio, as well as everything else you want to know. Some stones will be some way from perfect. It may not be quite so obvious when viewed in isolation, but put a perfect ratio stone alongside a non-perfect, and the difference is dramatic.

Elegance is a key part of wearing a diamond. Marquise cuts have an elegance rarely matched by other types. Good marquise cut diamonds are truly something special. More importantly, good, antique marquise cut diamonds are absolute treasures.

We can’t recommend the beauty of the marquise cut enough. Whether as a solitaire or with other supporting diamonds, it is simply one of the best.

Two Lauren Engagement Rings Like Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s engagement took the media by storm! While the exact details on the engagement ring diamond still remain a mystery; we can tell with certainty that it is an oval solitaire design based on the photos. This design is spot on with current engagement ring trends. Make no mistake about it, ovals are still the number one fancy shape stone. The color metal gold setting is also a hot trend right now as both rose and yellow gold are being used now more than ever. Let’s take a look at some Lauren B ring designs that are going to give you the same Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber look

Rose gold is definitely a popular option when it comes to an oval solitaire. A colored gold metal will creates the same effect. Also notice on this ring that the band slopes up to the edge of the stone, as opposed to tucking underneath it. This is what we call a “cathedral style” giving a more structured appearance. We also find the cathedral gives a sturdier feel on the hand. This option can definitely be created in yellow gold or white gold as well!

Even though this ring is shown in white gold, keep in mind any design shown on our website can be made in any color metal. This solitaire ring features a detailed profile look with a cathedral style band. Notice our Signature Pave wrap that makes a full circle of pave diamonds hidden beneath the center-stone.

This Lauren B design is a unique twist on the classic solitaire style and features a rope style yellow gold band. This goes perfectly with the wire basket top with pave diamonds going from prong to prong! The braided band gives a more vintage look and is perfect for something wanting a more unique design!

This oval solitaire setting is as simple and clean as it gets! It features a plain yellow gold rounded band and an open wire basket top. There are no additional pave diamond details on this ring and the finely crafted basket allows for minimal metal around the stone. The focus here is certainly the center diamond. Notice that this ring is done in two-tone. This helps preserve the colorless appearance of the center-stone set in white gold.