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Idolra jewelry new product release

Idolra launche a blue diamond today, I believe that everyone can be satisfied。1

This ring comes from idolra’s 2018 Blue Book fine jewellery collection, inspired by the blooming “hydrangea”, which creates a ring-shaped shape of flowers. Designers alternately use platinum and sapphire to interpret the petals, and there are large particles of tanzanite hidden in the gap, reminiscent of the natural blue-violet gradient of hydrangea.

Each hydrangea consists of 4 petals, and the edges of the petals are layered on each other, showing a natural form that is slightly swelled – three of them are rounded and cut into sapphire, showing a deep dark blue; the other is made of platinum to create a micro-arc Contoured, polished to a bright mirror. These four petals are joined by a rivet made of platinum, like a stamened flower.

Five elliptical tanzanites are hidden between the petals, and the deep blue-violet tones contrast with the sapphire petals, making it the crowning touch of the whole piece. Flip to the back of the ring to see the criss-crossing branches, each of which has been carefully polished to reveal the natural vitality of the flower.

The setting is specially designed as a wide-brimmed structure to support the complex hydrangea ring face. There are 10 stepped cut diamonds in the ring wall, and the same bouquet of delicate bouquets are seen from the side.

Things You Should Know About Bulgari

Jewelry has always been an important part of our culture. Even from the times when humans first started using clothes and tools about 100,000 years ago, jewelry was produced from any kind of materials that were available including stones, animal skins, feathers, plants, bones, and more. Today, we use jewelry to add extra appeal to an outfit and jewelry houses like Tiffany, Harry Winston, Cartier, Buccellati, among others have made their mark on the industry to attract a variety of buyers.

In this blog, we will discuss the Italian jewelry company – Bulgari. This brand is famous for its glamorous gemstone jewelry using an assortment of colors, which makes their pieces immediately recognizable. In addition, Bulgari creations include iconic features, such as a sense of volume, harmony and refined motifs that remind consumers of the brand’s Greek and Roman roots. Defined as classic yet contemporary, Bulgari maintains its 130 year legacy by creating perfectly timeless pieces for those who adore jewels.

Sotirios was a Greek immigrant to Italy. He moved to Rome in 1880 with only 18 cents in his pocket at young age with a terrific skill to work with precious metals. After working several related jobs, Sotirios opened his own shop in 1884. He laid into the foundation of the Bulgari style trademark elements of ancient Romans and Greeks and opened a couple of stores across Italy.

Sotirios had two sons, Constantino (1889–1973) and Giorgio (1890–1966), who were actively involved in the business and worked for the company their entire lives. The company is currently headed by Sotirios’s great grandson, Francesco Trapani.

During World War II, Costantino Bulgari and his wife Laura hid three Jewish women in their own Roman home. They were strangers to them, but the Bulgaris opened their doors out of outrage for the raid of the Roman ghetto in October 1943. For their actions, on December 13, 2003, the family was awarded the title of Righteous among the Nations at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.