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The Little Bag from Miu Miu, it almost sounds like a fairytale. We’ve featured a lot of mini bags at BRAGMYBAG, but it seems like there are no endings. We keep finding more, better and most importantly affordable.

Meet the Miu Miu’s latest creation, it’s only available at Miu Miu store for now. A small bag in bi-color, refined in golden hardware. Simple and easy, made with two compartments that can be opened and closed with zippers. It comes with a long detachable shoulder strap and it’s built from pebble goat leather.

A small bag in bi-color, refined in golden hardware. Simple and easy, made with two compartments that can be opened and closed with zippers. It comes with a long detachable shoulder strap and it’s built from pebble goat leather. How to use Miu Miu’s little bag Sale? Think of it as a little pouch bag, store your small essentials inside and you’re good to go. Measuring 20 x 12 x 6 (L x H x W) in cm.


It’s extremely important for a woman to have an accessory that fits any occasion; whether we are talking about a simple necklace or a pair of “universal” shoes, there should be the equivalent of the “little black dress” in each category of items we are wearing. When it comes to purses, the recipe for success is pretty simple: have something with a colour that manages to go well with any outfit and has a simple design and you can be sure goes well with everything. A great example of such a bag is here, this lovely soft calf shoulder purse is just a great buy and a smart purchase for someone who is looking for something that will be their universal accessory. This also means less money spent on accessories that are dedicated to certain events and also less choices you have to make when going somewhere. The handbag has been crafted with high quality soft calf leather with a nappa effect, a leather that is not only smooth and soft to touch but also extremely durable. It’s also quite subtle when it comes to its shine since the effect is a semi-gloss one with a light grains, appealing to those who don’t want to seem like they are showing off.

There’s also a flap closure with a new snap lock clasp that makes reaching inside easy but also keeps everything well secured. The inside zip pocket and cell phone pocket are great for keeping your essentials in place. The metal lettering logo on the outside is small and very subtle, not like the logos that can be found on other luxury handbags that simply scream “look at my designer handbag”. This is great for someone who enjoys the quality, look and feel of a designer handbag but doesn’t want people to think they are trying to stand out too much.

Nappa Biker Purse–Miu Miu Bag

nappa biker purse 1

The handbag is made with Matelasse nappa leather bandoleer that has beautiful crystal stud embellishments in a lovely pink colour that complements the rest of the handbag beautifully. It has a snap closure with a leather zipper pull, an inside zip pocket and a cell phone pocket. All these are offering wearers a great way to keep their important items locked tightly and secured inside. There is also a detachable 105 cm chain and leather shoulder strap that will allow you to transform the bag into something a bit more elegant by taking away the strap or something comfortable to wear by leaving it on.

nappa biker purse 4

You don’t have to be a biker to wear the Nappa Biker Purse but you have to have a wild and free spirit; you should also have a great sense of style and make sure that you really want to stand out because once you get this amazing handbag you will certainly stand out no matter what. Besides being superb looking, this Nappa Biker Purse is also pretty functional, it has a lot of room inside to keep your essential and the detachable strap allows you to wear it however you feel comfortable.

Are you one of those women who always want to stand out? Are you tired of all the accessories and bags looking the same? Well, then this lovely Miu Miu bag is a lovely accessory to carry around and make sure that you get a chic look.

A handbag that will certainly stand out no matter how you are dressed or where you are. This is why, this handbag is the perfect addition to an evening and casual outfit. It seems to have been made for women who want to have fun, want to feel spoiled and want to show that to the world. Also, if you want people to notice you, this is for sure the go to accessory. Some might think this is outrageous, others might think it’s simply too much, but one thing is for sure, this Miu Miu handbag is absolutely magnificent, a great way of showing your amazing style and literally forcing those around you to keep staring. For a fashionista, this handbag is definitely something that shouldn’t miss from their wardrobe. The Nappa Biker purse is something very unique, very spectacular and definitely worth buying.