How Dior Dominated the Luxury Industry And Achieved a Valuation of $42.7 Billion

Dior is known for its ambitious exhibitions.The brand presents the rich heritage and history of its dresses, perfumes, accessories and pictures in various parts of the world.Another exhibition is the New Look Revolution, which featured the evolution of the Bar Suit. The iconic item first appeared in Dior’s earliest collection. Not only did the exhibition feature how the item has changed, but it also featured the hard work that it took to create it.

Dior handbag millennial pink

Dior manages multiple social media accounts that appeal to a specific demographic.At Dior Homme, the brand only creates posts that cater to its male demographic. Posts that will not appeal to its male demographic, are not featured on its page.While it takes more time and effort to manage two accounts, the brand certainly has no regrets.

“Having separate social media accounts, although the time allotted to maintain is greater, can be very beneficial to a brand as they can target messaging to that specific group of followers that may end up lost in a single ‘all things to all followers’ social media experience,” said Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis in an interview.

Dior has not only conquered the hearts of Western fashionistas, but also China’s online shoppers.The brand entered China and sold its Lady Dior bags on WeChat during the Qixi Festival Holiday. What was originally a four-day online marketing campaign became a one-day event, after the bags were immediately sold out