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Fashionable Diorama CD Bag

If Chanel has its own flap bags, Dior on the other hand has it’s equally and fashionably gorgeous signature Diorama bag for the Dior woman. An haute couture, the newest Diorama CD Bag is all we could ever ask for in a bag.

Dior Gold Crinkled Lambskin Diorama Flap Bag 2

Looking almost ethereal yet soft to the touch, the Diorama CD Bag sale is fashionable, luxurious, and classy all rolled into one. Yes, it’s that beautiful that we couldn’t seem to put it into words. The golden chain strap also adds an ounce of beauty to it. Take it anywhere you go, and people will actually notice. And hello why not? All those CD patterns scream fashion attention.

Dior Black Perforated Diorama Flap Bag

Contemporaneous in style yet still maintains that feminine touch to it, the Diorama CD Bag online is an inventive and novel takes on the Diorama bag. The CD print on a circle pattern creates that beautiful aural effect to this bag.