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Italian fashion Valentino Rockstud Spike Quilted Bag

Italian fashion label Valentino is hinging the start of its path to contemporary on a new studded replica bag and an avant-garde photography project.


The Italian fashion label often takes to the arts in similar manners to help showcase new collections and campaigns.

Recently, Valentino highlighted the movement of its fall/winter 2016 women’s wear collection through a dance-inspired effort. Shot by Steven Meisel in New York, the advertisements showed models mid-arabesque or performing a kick or plié, allowing the clothing to catch in the air.


“The New Rockstud Spike Replica Bag plays a significant role for Valentino as it has been positioned as not simply a fashion accessory, but rather, a new means to entangle with a younger audience and drive brand preference at an earlier age by appealing as a luxury brand yet creating products such as this fake bag, that has an edgy modern rock culture appealing to its younger buyers,” Mr. Jesperson said. “In the present luxury market, it is simply not enough to sell a product in and by itself.


The Valentino’s Rockstud Spike Quilted Bag features a feminine silhouette with a spunk rebellious attitude thanks to its numerous gold-toned rockstuds. This beauty is ideal to pair over your feminine dresses or your normal top and jeans ensemble.
Made of genuine calf leather, this bag caught our attention since it’s quite unique. It’s quilted then studded, then its studded shoulder strap and pale gold chain links gave us the good kind of butterflies in our bellies.