Hermes bag or Sultan bag

Reasons to Choose Hermes Women’s Handbags

One of the famous bag brands, namely Hermes does have a very fantastic price. One bag is sold starting from Rp 40 million. This brand has given birth to a masterpiece of handmade women’s bags. The craftsmen themselves can be counted on the fingers. Making a Hermes bag can take between 18-24 hours. No doubt if the quality of Hermes bags is preferred. The material is made from selected animal skins and elegant colors so it is very comfortable to use.

Hermes Bag Facts

There are some facts that you must know about this Hermes brand. Hermes Bags always provide very high quality for its users, therefore the price offered is very extraordinary. The use of leather for this bag is guaranteed to be 100 percent authentic, such as crocodile skin used is not crocodile skin carelessly. Crocodile skin material comes from Australia or Egypt. Within a month Hermes only produced about 15 bags. One of the famous products is Hermes Birkin which is sold for hundreds of millions of rupiah. The buyer cannot be just anyone. Buyers of these bags must be registered as VIP customers.

The History of Hermes Bags

Hermes bags were first made in Germany by Thierry Hermes. He launched the Hermes brand to the public at The Grands Boulevards of Paris in 1837. The French government praised the Hermes brand for winning the Exposition Universelle contest in 1855 and again won a gold medal at the contest in 1867. This bag began to be marketed and flourished among socialites in the 50s. Hermes products have exploded in the market and Hermes has become one of the most popular bag brands in the world.

Famous Designer Works

Thierry Hermes has its own characteristics in designing its bags. The design features features and luxury in terms of unique shapes and accessories. This is what makes the wearer very confident wearing Hermes bags.

that’s a glimpse of interesting information about Hermes bags or Sultan bags because the price is quite fantastic.